Variable speed starter Eaton 174328 - DE1-122D3FN-N20N

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Item number: 101956
EAN: 4015081707904
  • Variable speed starter
  • Single-phase power supply connection
  • Three-phase motor connection 230 V AC
  • 2.3 A/0.37 kW
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Screw-type terminals
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Corresponding accessories
Configuration module Eaton 174621 - DXE-EXT-SET
Configuration module, plug-in module (front), Selector switch for ramp time and operating mode, Potentiometer for motor protection and fixed frequency
Item number: 101969
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LED keypad Eaton 186946 - DX-KEY-LED2
LED keypad for variable speed starters and variable frequency drives DE1, DC1, DA1 or DL1, 7-digits display, Protection front: IP54, Plug-in connection cable (RJ45, 8-pin) 3 m
Item number: 103686
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Technical details
General data

Variable speed starter

Electrical data

200-240 V AC
50/60 Hz
300 Hz
230 V AC
2.3 A
0.37 kW

Mechanical data

45 mm
230 mm
168 mm

Ambient conditions

-10-50 (max. 60 up to fPWM = 16 kHz without derating) °C

Further information


Product description
Variable speed starter Eaton 174328 - DE1-122D3FN-N20N
The 174328 - DE1-122D43N-N20N variable speed starter from Eaton bridges the gap between conventional motor starters and variable frequency drives. The ease of use, highest reliability, the variable speed and improved energy efficiency make the 174328 - DE1-122D3FN N20N variable speed starter a real alternative for drives up to 0.37 kW at a voltage of 220-240 V AC. The simple out-of-the-box operation allows for easy installation and commissioning without special knowledge. With the plug-in 174621 - DXE-EXT-SET configuration module (optional accessory), the user can easily adjust key parameters such as ramp time, motor protection and control terminal function from the original factory settings at the 174328 - DE1-122D3FN-N20N variable speed starter.
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