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Siemens: Automation technology for the highest demands

Siemens is one of the world's best-known German group of companies. The company, which was founded in Berlin in 1847, is now one of the largest electronics and electrical engineering manufacturers. Siemens has stood for innovation, quality and consistency for decades. The manufacturer is also represented in the field of automation technology with a large product range and has always convinced commercial users from all industries with highly developed technologies.

Intelligent automation portfolio from Siemens

In 1958, with its SIMATIC series Siemens developed the 1st generation of a "modular system for contactless controls" and thus positioned itself in the field of automation technology as one of the leading manufacturers on the world market. Since then, many other clever products have enriched the automation portfolio.

The following ambitious goals have been and are still today being pursued in product development:

  • High degree of innovation
  • Economical and efficient solutions
  • Easy handling and scalability
  • Increasing user and system security

With its intelligent products, Siemens contributes to increased productivity and makes everyday industrial life easier for users. As a result, the experienced manufacturer is always one step ahead of the future!

Siemens automation with Automation24

At Automation24, the online mail order company for automation technology, you will find a wide variety of products from Siemens in the range.

For example, in the Control systems category, you can find a large selection of products from the LOGO! Mini controllers, SIMATIC S7-1200, HMI control panels as well as SIMATIC ET 200SP for flexible solutions to a wide variety of automation tasks.

With the modularly expandable logic modules, you can easily master smaller automation projects in mechanical and plant construction. The new generation Siemens LOGO! with an integrated web server module and Ethernet interface, opens up intelligent communication options, especially in conjunction with a CMR communication module, the SIMATIC S7-1200 as well as an HMI Basic Panel. So you can keep an eye on your system from a distance. Do you want to take the first step into the world of logic modules? Then Automation24 offers you with the LOGO! Starter-kits the right thing for an easy start into the LOGO! world.

The compact basic controllers SIMATIC S7-1200 can also be modularly expanded and are suitable for small to medium-sized automation tasks. The controllers are already equipped with a variety of features, but can be expanded flexibly with additional options to meet your requirements. Automation24 also enables you to get started easily with the help of the S7-1200 Starter-kits available in the range.

You should use HMI control panels for visualization tasks and for more convenient control of your machines and systems. In addition to Siemens control systems, Automation24 also offers the corresponding programming software.

Automation24 also thought of reliable system and consumer protection. With the Siemens circuit breaker for motor protection and starter combinations, the residual current operated circuit breaker as well as the arc fault detection devices (AFDD) from the category protection equipment, you are on the safe side. Particularly noteworthy here are the innovative and space-saving Siemens 5SV6 arc fault detection devices (AFDD), which combine the functions of a circuit breaker with the functions of an arc fault detection circuit breaker from the 2nd generation in just one unit. It is the smallest arc fault detection circuit breaker in the world and you save a lot of space in your control cabinet. In this context it should be mentioned that in the portfolio you will also find corresponding control cabinets from experienced manufacturers.

The compact motor starters, compact starters, soft starters and variable frequency drives from the drive technology category ensure a smooth operation. With the variable frequency drive SINAMICS G120X, Siemens has created an innovation for optimized water and air movements in the infrastructure sector. The SINAMICS G120C variable frequency drives are suitable for a wider range of applications. Simple to medium drive tasks can be performed with the SINAMICS V20 variable frequency drives. For full control over the V20 variable frequency drive, use in combination with the SINAMICS V20 web server module is recommended.

The right industrial controls should not be missing for your safety and that of your machines. That is why you will also find economically advantageous solutions from Siemens in the portfolio. Automation24 offers thermal overload relays for current-dependent overload protection in the main circuit and electronic overload relays for complete motor and system protection. You will also find high-quality Siemens main contactors, solid-state relays, contactor relays and auxiliary switch blocks for system switching at the right moment.

Do you want to switch, protect and monitor your motors and systems with an all-round package? The SIRIUS modular system is the solution for you!

The powerful Control & signalling devices of the series SIRIUS ACT from Siemens also contribute to the optimal protection and durability of your systems. With this series, the manufacturer enables controls and signals with style – from pushbuttons to indicator lights.

With Siemens technology you meet the highest quality standards and make an important contribution to the safety and durability of your machines and systems. Order the products that meet your requirements from Automation24 at excellent prices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use the contact form on the website. Automation24 is at your side as your strong partner for automation technology!