Control systems

Control systems: This is how it works

Control technology is an important component in the world of automation. In control technology input values determine the performance of outputs, often by means of an interposed actuator. In contrast to control engineering, there is no feedback of the output variable to the input in the controller. In control technology, switching signals are usually processed digitally or binary. The transmission of measured values such as pressure and temperature is usually made via analogue signals. Digital protocols are, however, more and more often used since they are less prone to interference.

Application areas of control technology

Control engineering is a relevant subfield of automation technology and is used in almost all applications. Examples include:

  • Machine control in industrial and manufacturing processes
  • Time-programmed controls of traffic lights
  • Controllers in building management systems (e. g. control of blinds or lights)

Basically, there are hardly any technical processes in industry today, as well as in the private sector, that manage completely without controls. This has to do with the increasingly complex applications that place individual demands on the technology.

Control systems at Automation24

The Automation24 product range includes various articles from the field of control systems, which are used in the most diverse applications. Well-known brands, such as Siemens with its LOGO! Mini controllers and the series SIMATIC S7-1200 and SIMATIC ET 200SP, high quality, safety and reliability. These compact and user-friendly automation solutions are often used in the lower to medium performance range and can be installed in any control cabinet. The SIMATIC HMI operator panels with the corresponding programming software WinCC Comfort are suitable for controlling and monitoring your systems, but you can also purchase everything on the subject of IO-Link communication systems, which are essential for connecting sensors to automation processes, for example.
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