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FIBOX – Finnish enclosure expert

FIBOX has been in existence since the year 1991. It previously belonged to Fiskars, one of the oldest companies in Finland, which was founded in 1649 and began producing plastic enclosures in the early 1960s. This also included the industrial FIBOX enclosures, which have always impressed with their impact resistance.

Since the 1990s, FIBOX has developed into a privately owned enclosure manufacturer and supplier that sells its products worldwide. The company has branches and production sites in several countries. The FIBOX enclosures are produced in the countries of Finland and South Korea.

FIBOX – Quality & customer orientation as a recipe for success

The company FIBOX believes that optimal product quality can only be guaranteed if the quality of the production process is right. Therefore, FIBOX attaches great importance to the development of new tool technologies by means of which the production processes can be significantly shortened and optimized. This benefits the production of ever higher-quality devices with higher protection ratings. This is how the high-quality MNX product series was created, since enclosures and gaskets could be manufactured in one injection process for the first time.

However, not only does an optimal production process contribute to the production of new products, the company is also guided by customer requirements in product development. The strong customer focus continuously drives the development of innovative products and is therefore largely responsible for the success of FIBOX.

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You will find both robust industrial enclosures such as ABS enclosures and polycarbonate enclosures as well as space-saving and lightweight compact control cabinets such as polycarbonate wall mounted control cabinets. Matching enclosure accessories are also represented!

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