Position sensors

Mode of operation of position sensors

Position detection sensors are used for object detection. Depending on the material to be detected, different sensors are used to detect the objects safely and without contact.

Inductive sensors are able to detect metallic objects. The detection range depends on the design of the respective sensor.

Capacitive sensors are used for object detection – regardless of their material properties. In contrast to the inductive sensors, the change in a magnetic field for position determination is not evaluated here, but the change in capacitance in an electrical field is used.

For applications in which large detection ranges are required, ultrasonic sensors with a high sensing range are used. On the other hand, optical sensors such as Photoelectric sensors and their reflectors are the right means of choice for detecting objects in the running status process. As an alternative to photoelectric sensors, Laser sensors are used for particularly precise detection of the smallest objects.

Cylinder sensors are suitable for the end position detection of pistons in cylinders with C and T grooves. They recognise the ring magnet attached to the piston and thus the piston position through non-magnetized material. If the sensing ranges of inductive sensors are not sufficient, then Magnetic sensors are the right choice. Both cylinder and magnetic sensors have much larger sensing ranges and switching frequencies than inductive sensors.

The position sensors also include, for example, the Ring and Tube sensors. These capture small metallic parts in feed hoses. They generate an electromagnetic field and react to its influence. The mode of operation is therefore comparable to that of inductive sensors. The Mechanical position switches should not be missing from the position sensors. After their mechanical actuation, they inform machines or systems about the current position in which a work process is. The next work process can then be initiated, for example.

Finally, all sensors require appropriate mounting hardware. Therefore, the appropriate Mounting accessories for position sensors should not be missing in any application.

Industrial position sensing

The advantage of position sensors lies in the non-contact query of components. Thanks to the mechanical compatibility, old position switches, for example, can be easily replaced by sensors.

Due to their multi-application and easy installation, the sensors are used in numerous industrial applications such as:

  • Food industry
  • Packaging technology
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Paper production
  • Plastics industry

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Depending on the type of sensor selected, the design or type of installation can be selected. A key criterion when selecting a sensor for position detection is the output function. The user determines the function to be triggered by the sensor here. Capacitive, inductive and ultrasonic sensors, for example, are often used with a normally open function. In photoelectric sensors, the output function is also referred to as light and/or dark switching. Photoelectric sensor systems also offer the choice of a wide variety of functional principles such as through-beam photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors or diffuse reflective sensors.

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