Control & signalling devices

Control and signalling devices

Control and signalling devices are used for multiple purposes in industry, for example, to initiate certain commands, to signal status acoustically or optically as well as to draw attention to them. The assortment of such control and signalling devices therefore ranges, for example, from acoustic alarms and indicator lights to pushbuttons and emergency stop/off buttons. The latter allow the possibility for complete applications in hazardous situations to stop with a push of a button.

Flexible use in all branches of industry

In almost every industrial sector, it is important that commands can be forwarded precisely and that changed production conditions - such as increased machine speed - can be detected accordingly. Here are some examples of industries where control and signalling devices play an important role:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food manufacturing and technology
  • Production engineering
  • Shipbuilding

Control and signalling devices have become indispensable in industrial automation systems. As completely as a process can be automated nowadays, appropriately qualified personnel must always be entrusted with the support and maintenance of the production processes in the application.

Robust control and signalling devices for every application

Automation24 carries a wide range of articles in the field of control and signalling devices. These include a wide variety of pushbuttons and buzzers from the categories pushbuttons and light indicators as well as foot and palm switches, which are characterised by a high protection rating and shock resistance. Robust signalling devices must also be used for applications requiring a visual or acoustic signal. While the practical status lights in compact format can be used for visual indication of the operating status in limited space situations, the complete devices and adaptive elements from the signal towers category can be used flexibly.

It is imperative that the control and signalling devices are designed to suit the location of use so that they can be integrated into the application without interference.

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