Signal towers

Signal towers for control and safety

Singal towers, also known as stacklights, are used in any industrial sector to draw the attention to statuses by means of an acoustic or optical signal. In dangerous situations they are used as visual or acoustic warning, thus providing safety.

Signal towers are available as complete devices or as user-friendly modules that can be individually combined. That means that there is a suitable signalling device for every application, customizable through various combinations of the visual and acoustic signalling elements. Each colour can be assigned its own meaning that may be defined individually for every application.

Versatile applications

Signalling devices are of course used in almost all sectors of industry, whether as status indication, control lights in automated processes or warning signals in emergencies. Below are some examples of signal tower applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Production lines
  • Test stations
  • Gate access

Principally signal towers can be used reliably on an international level, also in harsh environments and difficult lighting conditions. The variety of modules ensures flexible mounting.

Signal towers at Automation24

All signal towers from Eaton are principally offered in the category Control and signalling devices in three different sizes, with a diameter of 70 mm or space-saving 40 mm and 57 mm. The complete devices are available with three light modules such as the Stacklight complete device Eaton 171425 - SL7-100-L-RYG-24LED or with two light modules: Stacklight complete device Eaton 171424 - SL7-100-L-RG-24LED. The combinable modules have different base modules such as the Basic module Eaton 171456 - SL7-FMS-100 with quick mount system.

At Automation24 you find a large variety of signal towers at very favourable prices. Select the signal tower suitable for your application today!