LOGO! Mini controllers

LOGO! mini controllers for process automation

LOGO! mini controllers are a family of logic modules for the automation of control processes manufactured by Siemens. The system is especially suited for smaller control tasks.

The basis of each LOGO! system are the LOGO! logic relays. The requested application is simply programmed by means of the LOGO! Soft Comfort software. A USB interface or an Ethernet interface are used as programming interface and for data transmission. Using expansion modules from the LOGO! family existing installations can be retrofitted to expand the application when needed. To ensure hum-free switching of larger loads via the logic module Siemens offers the switching element LOGO! Contact.

The large family of LOGO! mini controllers

All components necessary for a control system are part of the LOGO! mini controller product family:

The individual components can be combined and connected individually.

Everything from the LOGO! family at Automation24

At Automation24 you find all components to build your own LOGO! mini controllers. Most LOGO! logic modules have a display for user-friendly handling of the module. The inputs and outputs of the module can be adapted to the application. Depending on the application there are versions with an input voltage range of 12/24 V direct current or 230 V alternating current. The maximum program memory of the logic modules is 200 or 400 blocks for the Ethernet versions. LOGO! Starter Kits provide an easy entry into the world of Siemens process automation. Simply look for your needed product requirements.

At Automation24 you find a large selection of components for the LOGO! mini controllers at very favourable prices. Combine the modules suitable for your application now!