Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives functionality

Variable frequency drives are also known as frequency converters and serve for speed regulation of electric motors.

For this purpose, they convert alternating current into direct current which is then changed in frequency and amplitude. The direct current is then converted back into alternating current for the output.

The regulation of rotational speed provides many advantages. For example, by optimizing motor power to the respective requirements, processes are optimized as well as mechanical stresses on machines are reduced.

Where are variable frequency drives used?

Wherever electric motors must be operated in a controlled manner, variable frequency drives are used.

They are used, for example, in the following industrial sectors:

  • Production facilities
  • Building automation
  • Transportation technology
  • Water/Waste water Management

As energy-efficient operation is increasingly important for the future, the demand for variable frequency drives is growing. In this context, the use of  variable frequency drives is becoming ever more important.


Variable frequency drives from Siemens at Automation24

At Automation24, you can get SINAMICS V20 variable frequency drives from the manufacturer Siemens in various sizes. The compact variable frequency drives are based on basic applications from 0.12 to 15 kW. They consume little energy thanks to the ECO mode, since the motor current is adapted to the load state.

Thanks to various designs and connection concepts, variable frequency drives are quick and easy to install.

The operation is also simple. Standard settings for typical applications allow for quick commissioning without the use of engineering tools.

Thanks to the optional web server module Smart Access Siemens SINAMICS V20 - 6SL3255-0VA00-5AA0, the handling can be simplified even further. The built-in access point allows wireless connections to mobile devices. This allows you to benefit from additional practical features such as a commissioning assistant, a parameter setting option and monitoring options.

You can also purchase other supplementary products such as the Braking resistor SINAMICS - 6SL3201-0BE21-0AA0 with the appropriate mounting adapter SINAMICS G110 - 6SL3261-1BA00-0AA0, to quickly decelerate high loads. With the parameter loader SINAMICS V20 - 6SL3255-0VE00-0UA1 you can read and copy parameter settings without a power connection. With basic operator panels such as the SINAMICS V20 - 6SL3255-0VA00-4BA1 and the BOP-interface SINAMICS V20 - 6SL3255-0VA00-2AA1 the basic converter can be operated outside the control cabinet.

Buy variable frequency drives at Automation24 at fair prices and prepare yourself for the future today. In the long term, you benefit from energy-efficient processes, protect your machines and systems, and save money at the same time.