Work tools

Work tools - indispensable aids for industrial fields

Since the Stone Age, work tools have facilitated various activities of everyday life.

Work tools in the industrial sectors are especially subjected to a test of stamina and durability. There they are put to continuous use, for example, to cut cables, drive in screws or to crimp two components together. It is therefore all the more important that these tools withstand extreme stresses and have a high and long-lasting product quality.

Weidmüller work tools - Perfect ergonomics, perfect functionality, perfect results

The manufacturer Weidmüller has successfully developed and produced work tools for more than 30 years, which meet the high demands of all industrial fields.

Work tools are used in the following industrial areas:

  • Transportation technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Building technology
  • Machine production
  • Power generation
  • Renewable energy

Work tools from Weidmüller are characterized by the fact that they guarantee consistent quality and functionality even after extensive use. In addition, thanks to their well thought-out ergonomics and functionality, they enable fatigue-free and productive work. The best results are thereby guaranteed.

The high product quality is ensured by the "Tool Certification", a technical test procedure.


Work tools for optimized work processes at top prices at Automation24

At Automation24 you will find work tools from Weidmüller at the best prices. So you are able to purchase pliers for gripping, cutting and the separation of live wires. Also available are wire cutters for trimming and cutting as well as wire strippers for stripping insulation from wires and jacket removal from cables. After the wire strippers, crimping tools can be used to attach, for example insulated wire end ferrules to the cable ends. With the appropriate screwdrivers the uncomolicated fastening of crimped conductors at the connection areas can be completed successfully.

In addition, at Automation24 we have control cabinet keys in the category universal tools, which can be used to safely open control cabinets containing live voltage components. Last but not least, the testing & measuring tools can be used to safely test voltage and reliably ensure the absence of voltage.

Ensure you are optimizing your operations and increasing the productivity of your company with Weidmüller work tools. All products are available in stock at the best prices - order today!