Device circuit breakers

Device circuit breakers

The electronic load circuit breakers are used for the reliable distribution of current downstream of the switched-mode power supplies. Inrush currents are reduced which protects the power supply. The detection of overcurrents and short-circuits in individual branches leads to a higher plant uptime. The useful group alarm from the device circuit breakers makes fault location easier for the user.

Use of device circuit breakers

Device circuit breakers are used, for example for:

  • Securing the individual control circuits
  • Monitoring process-relevant measuring points


Electronic load circuit breakers at Automation24

Automation24 carries selected device circuit breakers suitable for all applications. No matter if two, four or eight channels, almost any control circuit can be electronically monitored using Murrelektronik MICO CLASSIC or MICO BASIC.

Also on offer we have multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact such as the 2905744 – CBM E8 24DC/0.5-10A NO-R as well as single channel device circuit breakers from the manufacturer E-T-A, such as the electronic circuit breaker REF16-S101-DC24V-2A. Thanks to the different current setting ranges or the fixed values you find the perfect devices for each monitoring task. There are of course also the suitable accessoires in our range at Automation24.

At Automation24 you find a large number of device circuit breakers at very favourable prices. Automate your applications with the suitable products today.