Switch disconnectors

Switch disconnectors - Information about the structure of the combined switches

A switch disconnector is a combination of a load switch and a disconnect switch. Such a switch is of similar design as a load switch. These switches are often used as main or ON/OFF switches in all fields of industry. Since no additional disconnect switch is required when these switches are used, their use is in particular very economical in small switchgear. They switch above all unloaded and loaded transformers and cables. They are also used in switchgear to increase reliability. In such applications they are used instead of disconnect switches. These switching control devices are also used as control gear, maintenance or repair switches in practical use.

Applications for switch disconnectors

Typical applications are for example:

  • Industrial installations
  • Trade
  • Building management systems


Switch disconnectors are available in many designs

Automation24 carries the most common versions of switch disconnectors. Items from established manufacturers such as Eaton are available. You can order the switches for flush or surface mounting. 1 or 3-pole versions can be selected as main current path. In our range you also find various switches that allow locking in the 0 position. You can also select from among different maximum motor ratings.

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