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StaalCloud: reliable remote radar level measurement

Simple & cost-effective remote level monitoring, for more reliable processes.

You would like to always keep an eye on your radar level measurement processes – anywhere and at any time? With Staal Instruments radar level sensors and the StaalCloud, you have the perfect solution. Find out more here regarding the reasons in favour of the solution, and everything you will need to implement it.

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What is the StaalCloud?

For its cloud-based radar level transmitters, manufacturer Staal Instruments offers a storage and server service, which makes it possible to transfer and analyse sensor data centrally. This service is called StaalClour and was first launched in 2018. With this central platform, which compiles system data for further analysis and evaluation, Staal Instruments fulfils the industrial requirements of Industry 4.0, and has thus taken an important step towards the IIoT (Industrial internet of Things).

Which advantages does using the StaalCloud offer?

The use of the StaalCloud offers many practical advantages for you, such as:

  • location and device-independent access to your system data
  • options for reporting and the visualisation of your data for analytical purposes
  • a GPS function allowing you to keep up-to-date with your systems, even when they are in transit
  • the ability to set up an alarm in case of the critical undercutting/exceeding of threshold values

Thanks to the StaalCloud and its diverse scope of function, you always remain up-to-date regarding your machines and systems. As a result, you can identify potential error sources at an early stage and plan maintenance and repair-free work accordingly. In addition, thanks to the data collected in the StaalCloud, you acquire knowledge of potential areas for improvement within your systems. All in all, the StaalCloud will support you in creating more economical, more efficient, and more effective processes.

StaalCloud: many practical functions

StaalCloud: many practical functions

Staal Instruments radar level sensor & StaalCloud: a powerful combination for remote monitoring

Staal Instruments radar level sensor & StaalCloud: a powerful combination for remote monitoring

What do you require in order to make use of the Cloud from Staal Instruments?

You require no prior programming knowledge to use the StaalCloud - all you need is:

  1. at least one radar level sensor from Staal Instruments,
  2. a user account on
  3. and a pre-paid credit bundle, based on your desired data consumption.

You will henceforth have access to the StaalCloud from any device you choose - whether via PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Three application examples of StaalCloud use

The application possibilities that are opened up with radar level transmitters used in conjunction with the StaalCloud are diverse.

Here are three examples:

1) Inventory monitoring for water, chemicals, or oils

With the cloud-based radar level sensors, you can perform contactless level and volume measurements in tanks, IBC containers, Variboxes® and drums. This does not require the opening of sealed containers.

In conjunction with the StaalCloud, you are also able to find out how much of the respective filling media remains in the respective container, from any location, on the go. And this applies even if the containers are already in transit, en route to their next location. Thanks to the GPS function, you even know where your goods are. This enables precise planning as to when and where containers have to be refilled.

Inventory monitoring without having to open the containers

Inventory monitoring without having to open the containers

With solutions from Staal Instruments, you can prevent flooding sewers

With solutions from Staal Instruments, you can prevent flooding sewers

2) Monitoring of the level in the sewage system

Would you like to be informed of the waste water level in pipes, regardless of where you are? Then install a suitable radar level sensor from Staal instruments on your pipe shaft. Thanks to cloud integration, you can receive alarm notifications from a safe distance whenever critical threshold values are reached, and initiate the activation of the pumps in due time. This way, excess water can be allowed to drain off, and flooding can be prevented.

3) Monitoring of open bodies of water

Heavy rain, melting ice, strong winds, and an extreme degree of contamination can, for example, result in an increased water level, thus favouring flooding in lakes, rivers, and streams. The resulting catastrophic effect for humans, animals, land, and buildings can be devastating. However, with Staal Instruments radar sensors and the Cloud, you can implement countermeasures in good time.

Simple mount the sensor close to the body of water, for instance on a riverbank or on an object positioned within the water, and receive alarm notifications from the StaalCloud whenever critical levels are reaches, in real time.

With StaalCloud, you can keep an eye on open bodies of water

With StaalCloud, you can keep an eye on open bodies of water

The StaalCloud from Staal Instruments is a simple and cost-effective solution for the remote monitoring of radar level measurement processes. By using StaalCloud, you benefit from many practical functions, which will facilitate your work processes thanks to increased transparency and location-independent real-time information. Take control of your level processes today and make use of the Cloud solutions from Staal Instruments.

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