Fully Integrated Automation

The complete solution to optimise your process!

Fully integrated Automation

The TIA-Portal from Siemens enables you to easily commision your devices as well as control and monitor processes.

Critical diagnostic data is available to you anywhere and 24/7 via PC and smartphone.

SIMATIC HMI Panels from Siemens enable the efficient monitoring of any number of PROFINET/Ethernet capable controllers. Thanks to remote access in real time, you always have an overview of all data.

Seamles integration and transmission security for every network is provided by the Managed PROFINET Switches from Helmholz.

The variable frequency drives from Siemens of the series V20 & G120X are easy to put into operation and can be monitored via the TIA portal.

Flexible and intelligent control of almost all applications with the Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 series – wirelessly or via the integrated PROFINET interface. The S7-1200F safety variants also have additional safety functions, such as guard locking.

With the signal towert from PATLITE and the IO-Link cabable ifm signal towers, the machine statuses in your system can be visualised directly and clearly..

Robust and easy to install control & signalling devices from Eaton and Siemens enable easy controling of your system.

Detection, positioning and monitoring made easy – thanks to numerous IO-Link capable sensors from ifm and microsonic.

Networking without a control cabinet and secure communication in the field is made possible with the Unmanaged Full Gigabit Ethernet Switches from TERZ. The products are in accordance with DIN EN 501555 Industry (PROFINET) and suitable for railways.

The Anybus Wireless Bolt™ from HMS offers an alternative for cabling in difficult environments, as machines and systems are connected wirlessly via WLAN/Bluetooth.

VPN-Router from IXON for a secure and simple cloud connection of your machines and thus a quick overview of all process values. This makes it easy to react in time before a machine failure occurs.