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Schneider Electric Harmony: the successor to Preventa

Schneider Electric Logo

One particularly important factor in any workplace is machine safety, which must guarantee the protection of people and materials. Therefore, the Safety Technology category at Automation24 is now being expanded with safety relays from Schneider Electric, from the Harmony Universal XPSU and Harmony Basic XPSB series. Under the name Harmony, Schneider Electric is continuing the development of its safety relays from the former Preventa series and is making continuous improvements.

Schneider Electric Harmony XPS Universal and Harmony XPS Basic protect personnel and machinery.

The safety relays from Schneider Electric's Harmony series are available in two different versions: Harmony Universal XPSU for complex configurations, and Harmony Basic XPSB for simple applications.

Harmony Universal XPSU enables complex configurations

The Harmony Universal XPSU series from Schneider Electric has been specially developed to meet the needs of Industry 4.0. It is based on the simplicity of application of hard-wired safety relays and supplements these with a wide range of status-related and diagnostic notifications, which previously required elaborate and expensive field bus technology.

With these modules, Schneider Electric covers a wide range of safety applications. They enable the efficient communication of more than 40 different notifications to a PLC, via a simple point-to-point connection, and thus help to reduce downtime should errors occur.

Just a single safety relay contains all of the required information regarding the status, pending machine test intervals, or diagnostic data. Schneider Electric Harmony Universal continuously sends a so-called data telegram directly to the control unit, meaning that status and error messages are continually visible, and thus help to keep productivity at a consistently high level.

The modules are available in widths of 22.5 mm and 45 mm. There are two rows of terminals installed on the top and bottom, which in this case are detachable screw or cage clamp terminals. They also feature a sealable cover on the front to protect the selector switches against tampering.

Depending on their use, the Harmony Universal safety relays can be mounted on DIN rails or directly on the wall. The adjustable switching delay via the front panel covers a time range from 0 to 900 seconds and can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

Thanks to two available versions with voltage supplies of 24 V AC/DC and 48 to 240 V AC/DC, the voltage range is fully covered. All Harmony Universal safety relays accommodate contact expansion modules by means of lateral series connection, without having to perform cross-wiring.

Harmony Universal is not limited to a specific signal form, and thus enables the configuration of various safety functions. This not only cuts down the number of model versions, but also means the correct module is more quickly available. This can help save time and money.

In addition, many start-up conditions, such as automatic start-up, monitored start-up, or an optional start-up test can be configured directly at the relay, thus saving technicians a great deal of time. Information is also available regarding the switching frequency of safety functions, which can prevent wear-related failures by means of prompt maintenance.

The special Schneider Electric Harmony XPSUVN module also has an expanded safety function for the detection of motor standstill. This is realised by measuring the remanence voltage and is possible for all standard motor types up to 690 V. As a result, downtime can be effectively reduced should faults occur.

Among other applications, Harmony XPSU is suitable for:

  • Emergency stop switches
  • Safety switches
  • Monitoring of safety devices
  • Area safeguarding
  • Speed monitoring
  • Increasing the number of contacts

Harmony Basic XPSB, for simple applications

The Harmony safety relay is also available with the XPSB series in a trimmed back Basic version. It offers less flexibility than the Harmony Universal series, but scores points with simple handling.

The relays are each tailored to just one application and have no configuration options. The priorities here are simple operation and implementation. As such, the focus is on classic functions with simple operation with several switch contacts.

The module need only be mounted onto the DIN rail and the wires connected accordingly. It is then immediately ready for use, with no need to configure further settings.

With the Harmony Basic versions, basic safety functions can be realised simply and reliably.

In addition, the Harmony Basic series also offers a safety relay with a time function. The new XPSBAT module has two directly switching NO contacts and a time-delayed NO contact and can be connected to an emergency stop or emergency shutdown, position switches, or light barriers. Using two rotary knobs on the front of the relay, a time delay of up to 15 minutes can be set.

As such, Schneider Electric Harmony Basic is the optimised solution for applications with hard-wired safety relays. It has been specially developed for use in machines whereby individual safety functions are to be monitored. This includes:

  • Emergency Stop / Emergency Shutdown
  • Safety door monitoring
  • Area safeguarding
  • Standstill monitoring

Schneider Electric at Automation24: your specialist for industrial safety technology

Choose the safety relay from Schneider Electric that is perfectly in keeping with your desired safety function from within the Automation24 product range. Here, the relays include functional and scalable solutions for your machines. It goes without saying that the modules fulfil international standards. The safety relays have been developed for all potentially hazardous machines and are suitable for the comprehensive protection of people and even entire systems.

Safety relays ensure that hazards are detected promptly and that appropriate protective measures can be implemented. They are thus an important component with a view to preventing accidents and injuries within your business. With Harmony Universal and Harmony Basic from Schneider Electric, you get reliable safety relays from globally recognised specialists in industrial safety technology.

All products are available from stock at Automation24 and can be shipped within 24 hours when you place your order before 3 p.m. on a working day. Should you have any further questions regarding the products from Schneider Electric, go ahead and contact our competent experts. We look forward to receiving your query!