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Schneider Electric Altistart and Altivar Soft Starters

Schneider Electric Logo

Drive motors are an integral part of the reliable operation of your systems and, as such, are often exposed to high loads. The Schneider Electric Altistart ATS01 and ATS22 soft starters, along with the new Altivar ATS480 soft starter, help to reduce the load, protect your motors, and thus enable longer use with reduced maintenance expense.

Altistart and Altivar soft starters protect motors and systems

Altistart is a popular product range from the French manufacturer, Schneider Electric, and, with its reliable soft starters, is used worldwide. Soft starters ensure the gentle start-up and consistent braking of motors and are suitable for applications that require no change of speed. With a large selection of different models and sizes, Altistart reliably protects both small motors and large industrial systems.

In future, Schneider Electric will continue to market the "Altistart" series under the name "Altivar". Therefore, one new addition to the family is the Altivar ATS480 soft starter, a next generation soft starter and the successor to the ATS48. It has been specially developed to meet the requirements of digitalisation and can also be used in challenging environments.

Extremely compact Altistart ATS01 soft starter, for simplicity and reliability

The Altistart ATS01 is an extremely compact soft starter for the gentle start-up and shutdown of asynchronous motors ranging from 0.37 to 15 kW.

It enables simple commissioning on account of its simple wiring and the fact that it has the same connections as for an electromagnetic output. The settings here can be quickly and simply configured. For instance, the start-up and shutdown times can be set from 5 – 10 seconds and the breakaway torque is also adjustable.

Two LEDs also enable the fast diagnosis of occurring problems and notifications. Of course, the Altistart ATS01 signals "Start-up End". The soft starter has an integrated 24 V supply and integrated bypass protection.

With its compact construction and simple commissioning, Altistart ATS01 is also suitable for:

  • Small compressors
  • Fan-and-filter units
  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic washing systems

Altistart 22 soft starters, for challenging industrial applications

The Altistart ATS22 soft starter is the big brother to the Altistart STS01, and while also featuring a compact construction, has a higher performance capacity. With its three-phase control for the gradual start-up and shutdown of asynchronous motors ranging from 17 A to 590 A, phase asymmetries are reliably and avoided and the optimal concentricity of the motor is guaranteed.

The cards feature a protective coating in accordance with 3C2, meaning that the series is also ideally suited for challenging industrial applications and harsh ambient conditions.

The Altistart ATS22 has integrated bypass protection as standard, which bridges the soft starter's semiconductor stage in static operation. This offers many advantages, such as the avoidance of thermal losses. Here, the intelligent control functions ensure the precise control of the start-up and shutdown of the motor. Through the soft start-up and shutdown of motors, the Altistart ATS22 reduces power surges and thus increases the energy-efficiency of the systems.

Generally speaking, the ATS22 has very few components requiring management, which means very limited cabling in the switch cabinet, thus saving space.

What's more, the Altistart ATS22 offers effective protection for your machines and systems. Thanks to the soft start-up, mechanical shocks and vibrations are minimised, which increases the service life of drive components and reduces maintenance costs. The Altistart 22 also ensures the soft stopping of motors, so as to prevent possible damage on account of abrupt braking.

Among other features, the Altistart ATS22 soft starter also detects and signals a blocked motor, underload, overload, and ground faults. In this regard, diagnosis is particularly simple, as 4 LEDs show the current status, the fault history, and selectable parameters, which can be monitored at all times.

The Altistart ATS22 is also suitable for the following applications:

  • Pumps
  • Fan-and-filter units
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors

The Altivar ATS480 soft starter digitalises the entire life cycle

Altivar ATS480 soft starters represent the new product series from Schneider Electric and have been specially developed for the digitalisation of the entire lifecycle.

Here, cybersecurity requirements are the main point of focus, as, in the modern world, machines and systems are not only at risk of wear and functional failures, but also targeted external attacks.

Furthermore, the Schneider Electric Altivar ATS480 soft starters meet the requirements for the most demanding normal load and heavy load applications and cover an operating voltage range from 208 V to 690 V, within a single product series with current ratings ranging up to 1200 A.

The Schneider Electric Altivar ATS480 is part of the EcoStruxure, which means smart motor management and an increase in efficiency, from selection through to maintenance.

The Altivar 480 is also suitable for the following applications:

  • Pumps
  • Conveyor belts
  • Compressors
  • Fan-and-filter units and machines with high inertia

Durable motors with Schneider Electric Altistart and Altivar at Automation24

The Schneider Electric Altistart and Altivar soft starter family has the right series to suit every requirement. Whether extremely compact or extremely powerful, with drive technology from Schneider Electric you are sure to find the right soft starter for your motors.

Here, Schneider Electric guarantees the highest level of reliability and the simple installation and operation of devices. Through the jerk-free, gentle starting and stopping of your motors, Altistart reduces the mechanical load placed on your machines, increases their service life, and ensures the smooth operation of your systems.

The even drive system also offers the advantage that current spikes are avoided, and the burden placed on the power grid is relieved. This prevents overloads and failures and saves energy.

On account of the quick-start concept, the soft starters can be quickly and easily integrated into pre-existing systems. For standard applications, all that is required is the configuration of a few parameters, and the Altistart and Altivar soft starters are ready for use.

Ensure the protection and long service life of your motors today and thus reliably safeguard your systems against failures and high maintenance expense! Choose the Altistart ATS01 for smaller applications that require a very compact design. The Altistart ATS22 also features a compact design but is the right choice for more exacting requirements. And the multifunctional Altivar ATS480, with its cleverly designed components for cybersecurity, guarantees digital monitoring, even under the most difficult of environmental conditions!

Schneider Electric Altistart and Altivar soft starters are available now at Automation24 and are generally dispatched within 24 hours if ordered on working days before 3 p.m. Do you require advice on the selection of the right soft starter to meet your needs? Go ahead and contact us - our trained technicians look forward to receiving your query!